7 ideas to promote your restaurant or bar


Those who love at first sight a restaurant or a bar often turn into loyal customers for years, sometimes for a lifetime. However, this can only happen if your venue is “visible” and it is precisely here that marketing strategies become crucial. Thinking about and adopting the right strategies is not that simple: sometimes you only get there after a process of trying and failing, but the good news is that they don’t have to be complicated or expensive strategies. In this article, we will list 7 marketing tips to follow to ensure that your restaurant or bar is besieged by new patrons and adventurers who then will not be able to help but come back to you.

7 marketing tips for restaurants, bars, and cafes

To reach the full house in a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop, at least two or three of these ideas are usually combined. You can unleash your imagination and develop original promotional campaigns or attract local customers through Google: try various strategies and discover the most effective ones for your business.

1. Create a website for your restaurant

The famous large-scale distribution company Metro conducted a study involving restaurants and bars in various countries (Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Poland, and others) from which it emerges that about 22% of consumers / female consumers would never go to a restaurant that does not have a menu on their website. This means that if you don’t have a site like robinroo, you run the risk that around ¼ of potential customers looking for a place near you will be attracted by the competition and decide to go there.

2. Bring your business to social media

If we imagine that your restaurant website is the main course of a meal, then the presence of your business on social media will be the indispensable chili without which that first course would not be the same. What. Furthermore, since platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are used by billions of users, you can aspire to obtain excellent results by creating profiles for your business and updating them constantly.

3. Optimize the site to attract local customers

What does a person do who needs to find a nearby shop or restaurant/bar as soon as possible? In most cases he will put his hand on his smartphone, open the Google page, and, depending on what he is looking for, he will be able to type in keywords such as “Sushi restaurant near me”. Taking into account these words and the position of the person tracked thanks to the GPS, the search engine will indicate the closest sushi restaurants. You will understand that it is of paramount importance that your site is optimized to appear among those restaurants (assuming you have a place that offers that type of cuisine!).

4. Organize promotions and events

Organizing “happy hours” regularly and offering special discounts on specific days of the week: here are two great ideas to attract new customers and strengthen the loyalty of regular ones. Have you ever thought of organizing theme nights?

For example, during the last week of October, you could set up the place with themed decorations for Halloween: a nice way to awaken the curiosity of customers looking for a special experience. These people could come to your place for the occasion and decide to come back if they like it, for example for a dinner or an aperitif.

5. Offer vouchers or other promotions

Let’s face it: who doesn’t like to save a few euros? Discounts also allow you to attract new guests and entice repeat guests to choose your service again. The voucher never goes out of style, but why limit this tool to something to use as a last resort for a birthday or Christmas gift? Many cities offer new residents vouchers to help them integrate and also to encourage them to spend something by supporting the local economy. Vouchers of this type are often also distributed by tourist offices.

6. Harness the potential of email marketing by sending out newsletters

Do not focus only on social media because email marketing is still a tool that can prove to be very useful and effective, especially if you manage to convince many people to subscribe to your newsletter, perhaps by encouraging them to do so thanks to a special offer presented on yours. site. What is the use of a newsletter? It is used to inform subscribers of the latest news and future events, and to share tips you want to give to customers (perhaps recipes for dishes or cocktails!) And also to remind them from time to time that it’s been a while of time since the last visit and it’s time to go back to your place!

7. Reward regular customers

The reason that pushes people to always return to the same restaurant or bar, regardless of the quality and quantity of food or drinks, is the ability of those who manage it to welcome customers, make them feel at home. or give them a pleasant and special experience. So pay attention to details, show empathy, be sociable and talk to clients, of course without ever becoming intrusive! Make sure they understand that for you they are first and foremost people, often members of the local community, and not just numbers that allow you to carry on and grow your business. In short, a dessert or a digestive offered from time to time will certainly not ruin your finances, does not cost much, and will certainly pay off in the long run.