Cash Flow Quadrant – Mindset of the Professional Networker.


Cash Flow Quadrant – Mindset of the Professional Networker.

Can the ideas encouraged in Robert Kiyosaki’s notable pamphlet “Cash Flow Quadrant” really help the Network Marketer in their business progress?

For the earnest student hoping to enhance their economic circumstances, minus the economic risk of starting a conventional business, Kiyosaki’s ideas and views are a light in the morass of financial complexity.

Obscure concepts are elucidated in a fashion that is simple, straight forward and easy to understand, and having been through the “pleasures” of an Economics Honours Degree, simplicity is not a theory which enters the dictionary of the average academic economist.

It is invigoratin.g to chance upon this light and it is a beacon which can considerably improve an individuals mastery of the opportunity afforded by the Network Marketing profession.

Transitioning from a philosophy of job security and working for the system, to one of owning the system and have someone else run it, is, for the majority, a difficult jump to undertake
It is at this juncture Mlm comes into its own as if delivers the propensity to proceed from the left to right hand side of Kiyosaki’s quadrant with insignificant risk.

Further it affords an introduction into the view that Cash Flow is King, and as most individuals are cautious by nature, through establishing a business which generates residual monthly income, whilst enjoying the stability of a monthly pay check, affords a risk free evolution from a limited to a limitless earning possibility.

The rate of economic change is permanently escalating, and for people to embrace and assume economic authority for their own future, is a way of thinking which should be drilled into every child before they venture into the big wide world.

This is certainly not the case, as the very essence of the educational system is constructed on the achievement of good grades and the pursuit of a safe, secure job.

In its simplest form, Network marketing educates people in the code of the business world, personal economic authority and the imperative of assisting others achieve.

Agreed the product/service offering of the Network is important, but insignificant in contrast to the quality, diversity and complexity of their training and personal development programme.

Mlm success revolves around, goal setting, attitude, persistence and personal accountability.

Perhaps mlm and the Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant concepts must be part of the traditional education policy?

Now that would be an enthralling thought!

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