Entrepreneur mothers, between work and family


The world of work is constantly evolving. Nowadays, more and more ways of working, such as part-time, flexible hours, and intelligent work, allow parents to more easily reconcile work and family. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and there are still many cases in which it is difficult for a parent to find the right balance between work commitments and family duties.

Many women decide to change their lifestyle once they become mothers, opting for a solution that may be less practical and reassuring: self-employment.

This choice should not be surprising considering that in Italy, mothers are still seen as a problem for a company and that the renewal of the employment contract of a pregnant woman still arouses a lot of hype when instead it should be considered a regular thing.

However,  women can always count on a thousand resources, and often the choice to set up on their own turns out to be a winner like online casino.  Let’s see together the aspects that should push more and more mothers to choose the path of entrepreneurship.

Moms are the queens of multitasking.

Moms have innate abilities, such as making ends meet for a pay-per-click campaign just as they do with household expenses. But what is it that makes them born entrepreneurs? Simple: the skills that other entrepreneurs acquire only with years of experience are already included in the “mom package.” For example, let’s talk about:

  • Excellent time management
  • A threshold of patience that would be the envy of a saint
  • Unsurpassed problem-solving skills
  • A practical mindset
  • The awareness of succeeding even in the most unthinkable situations

Every mom draws on this wealth of experience every day, so female entrepreneurs have an edge in this sense. Of course, they too will have to face the many challenges facing all entrepreneurs, with or without children, but let’s face it: who doesn’t turn to their mother for advice even in adulthood? (if we then consider that for Italians, “mum is always mum” …)

Businesswomen of today, bye-bye clichés!

If the typical businesswoman is an elegant woman with a dark suit and an intimidating look in your imagination, you will have to change your mind. Today, women entrepreneurs who set up small and medium-sized enterprises or set up their businesses are dance instructors, beauticians, lawyers, translators, journalists, etc.  For many of them, once they become mothers,  the primary need becomes flexibility and not the search for a traditional career path, which is why they choose to set up on their own: in this way, they are free to manage their time as they see fit. Discover more about this from https://www.australianonlinecasinosites.com/real-money-casinos/ site.

The best time to launch your own business? When the children start school

Time management and planning are already part of every mom’s daily routine, especially in the early years of babies’ life when it is necessary to devote herself to them almost full time. This is why the first day of kindergarten or school is a fundamental stage in the life of every child and in that of every mother. Finally, she can breathe!

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that most entrepreneur moms decide to start their own business around the age of 37 when their first child is around 6.  This is only an indicative figure, and every mother will know how to recognize the right moment to embark on a new working adventure.

What animates entrepreneur moms?

Not all mothers are motivated by the same reasons. Still, it is undeniable that for three out of four entrepreneurs, the reason behind the choice is to be able to combine work and family.

But are entrepreneur moms different from childless entrepreneurs or male entrepreneurs? Apart from unsurpassed skills in multi-tasking, the factors that animate entrepreneurs of any category are always the same: the will to give life to their idea, become financially independent, and, why not, change the world!

What are the favorite sectors of entrepreneur moms?

Many entrepreneur mothers work in the service sector, for example, in health or education; others are dedicated to aesthetics, while others have chosen different paths by starting law firms, marketing, etc. Simply put, female entrepreneurs know no bounds!

Are you a mom and have an idea you’d like to test? Whether it’s something wholly innovative or a project you are working on and would like to present to the world, the time has come to bring your idea to life! Please don’t wait any longer and create a free website to let your friends know about it and, why not, also ask for an opinion through social media.

The pros and cons

Although, on the one hand, entrepreneur mothers can count on a certain autonomy and flexibility, many of them are forced to sacrifice their hobbies or free time to devote as much time as possible to their business and family.

In conclusion, we want to thank all the women entrepreneurs who are a great inspiration to all of us with their ideas and willpower that leads them to face even the most difficult situations successfully. Be like them:  you don’t have to choose between family and your aspirations; cultivate both!  They have always done it with exceptional results, despite those who still fail to appreciate a woman’s value at work.