Excuses Are for the Weak


If you’ve ever used excuses to avoid taking action on something you wanted to do, you were likely laboring under an illusion.

Excuses can seem incredibly strong and valid at times, to the point where we end up believing they are absolute truth. However, excuses can not only cause us to miss out on a few opportunities, they actually have the power to destroy our lives if we let them.

When we continually talk ourselves out of doing things we want to do, we create a powerful downward spiral of decreasing opportunities, dwindling abundance, and diminishing self-respect. Ultimately we end up being an empty shell of the person we could have been.

Don’t let your excuses destroy your life! Excuses are for weak-willed individuals who have no desire or willingness to grow and develop themselves. They have talked themselves out of creating the lives they truly want, and they will not budge from where they are right now unless a life crisis forces them to.

Is this you? Or would you rather be someone who laughs at limitations and faces their fears head on?

If you are in the habit of buying into excuses, you probably utter phrases like these often:

“I can’t . . .” “I don’t have the talent . . .” “I wouldn’t be strong enough . . .” “I’m too old . . .” “I don’t have enough time . . .” “I don’t have the money . . .” “I don’t have the brains . . .” “I’m not good at . . .” “It would be too hard . . .”

“It’s nearly impossible for someone like me . . .”