Give your customers the ability to collect their purchases in person


The current lockdown measures have forced many businesses to temporarily close their doors, with severe consequences, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot count on actual earnings. However, many companies have reinvented themselves and found new innovative ways to sell their products online by taking advantage of the possibility of home delivery.

To help small and medium-sized businesses facing this difficult time, we have thought about integrating a new feature on our sites that will allow you to continue selling as you always have, even if your business is temporarily closed. So here we have thought of giving you the possibility to offer your customers the local collection. This safe method allows them to collect their purchases in compliance with social distancing. Perhaps the restrictions in Italy will not let you take advantage of this feature immediately. Still, it could always be helpful to you when we slowly return to normal, and the restrictions are loosened.

How does the local pickup work?

This new model allows you to give your local customers the possibility to pick up their purchases at the door of your shop or another safe place of your choice. You will decide the pick-up time and provide any related instructions. Once the order is ready for collection, you have to communicate it to your customer through an automatic confirmation email containing all the details you have specified. It is a good system like the new zealand casino.

What must be indicated in the instructions?

  • Place of collection.  Add the address where you want your customer to collect their purchase. It may not match your store, so specify the lesson. If the pick-up location is not easily identifiable, try to provide some additional information to find it, for example, “it’s the yellow door on the right.”
  • Pick up time.  To avoid crowds of people arriving to collect their purchases simultaneously, you can send an email or call the customer to give them a precise pick-up time. It is not possible to communicate the exact time for a particular customer using the settings of your online shop.
    Alternatively, you can establish a time window for the collection (for example, from 9 to 13) and mark the positions of each customer waiting for collection 2 meters away from each other.
  • Special instructions.  For example, if you sell furniture items, make sure your customer knows they need a car or van to pick up their purchase.

What are the benefits of in-person pickup?

  • It’s convenient

You won’t have to worry about charging shipping costs (which could make a difference during this time) or finding the most reliable courier. You won’t have to raise your prices, which will please your customers a lot.

  • It is comfortable

Customers can collect when they prefer, or at times you set. Not to mention that in-person collection can be ideal for heavy and bulky products, such as furniture items, which need to be collected by car.

  • It’s personal

We all suffer greatly from the absence of human contact. Still, when things slowly return to normal, and we may return to hang out with due precautions, in-person pickup is a way to re-establish some contact with your customers instead of entrusting everything to an anonymous courier. After all, every little business like casinos en ligne de france has the personality of its owner, so show everyone that you care about your customers!

How can I decide on the correct pickup location?

You can choose between different options, depending on whether you live in a big city or a small country. Here are some ideas:

  • Your physical store.  If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can ask your customers to call or knock when they arrive for pickup or ask them to collect their order directly from the store.
  • A garage or warehouse.  Do you have a garage or warehouse that you don’t currently use? You can leave your products there and send the customer the door lock combination in the special instructions.
  • Combination locker.  Is there a deposit with lockers in your area? You can do a quick online search and deposit your products there until customers pick them up.

Tip:  Add a map on your site that shows the chosen pickup location.

How can I activate the function on my site?

To add the in-person pickup option to your Dolphin shop:

  • Enter your shop
  • Go to  Shop> Settings> Shipping & Tax
  • Check the  Local Pickup box  and enter the pickup address and other relevant instructions
  • Click on  Save
  • Publish the site again

You can offer the Pickup in person even if you have created your shop with Creator.

Find a way to start selling your products or services online

If you have a business suffering from forced closure, this may be an excellent time to get creative and find a way to continue selling your products or services online.

For example, you could sell vouchers to spend in your restaurant, shop, or beauty salon when you can finally reopen (vouchers are also the best choice from a fiscal point of view). Customers can give them to friends and family on birthdays or other holidays, allowing them to receive a gift even in this particular period and continue earning even if your business cannot reopen yet.