How to adapt your site and business to distancing


In the beginning, many thought that the limitations imposed by the Coronavirus would soon end. After a couple of weeks at home, everything would be as before. In the meantime, we realized that things were not quite like this. Even if the shutters of the activities have risen, we will have to learn to live indefinitely with the measures of interpersonal distancing.  All of this has undeniable consequences on your business. This article will give you some tips for adapting your marketing to the new reality of social distancing.

You have already adopted some precautions to ensure safety in your office, in your shop, or any case, in your business headquarters. Still, you have already modified your website by communicating the changes made, and above all, what do you expect from your customers? It is essential to do this and thus leverage your site online to inspire the trust of potential customers even before they step into your business.

  1. Check the photos on your site
  2. Analyze the language you used
  3. Update your contact information
  4. Communicate the rules in a professional way
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1. Check the photos on your site

Before the pandemic broke out, we all used to sit side by side at bar tables, shake hands, and hug friends we met by chance on the street. These automatic gestures are no longer part of our daily life and, for safety, we should avoid making them even if the restrictions imposed by the authorities have loosened.

There will most likely be images on your site before the Coronavirus emergency began, for example, photos of people chatting and smiling, standing very close to each other. Look carefully at all the images on your pages and ask yourself if you should replace them with others that reflect the current situation. This way, you can communicate what you expect from your visitors and what they can expect when they enter your shop.

  • Photos of People: Are these people too close to each other? Are they wearing face masks while in places where it is mandatory to do so? Are they doing something that, for safety reasons, you don’t want them to do in your office or shop?
  • Photos of your business location: did you put protective panels? Did you trace the path to follow on the floor?

Take new photos and upload them to your website to account for any changes.

The moment of reopening is a time of great uncertainty for any business. There are several new rules to follow, and no one knows precisely what to do initially. Use your site to undoubtedly show your visitors that you have taken all necessary steps to ensure that they use your services or purchase your products without risk. Seeing on the online site that they have nothing to fear, they will be more likely to physically come to your shop, studio, atelier, gym, and so on!

Do you have doubts about the rules to follow? Find out about the protocols decided by the authorities for your sector. Use practical and valuable solutions for every situation, such as protective plexiglass panels, marked paths that allow you to move, avoiding gatherings, distancing between the various workstations, etc.

For many industries, updating the photos on the site is a good idea. For professions that require direct contact, this is a choice that seems almost obligatory. All the more reason, if you practice one of these professions, your customers will expect you to be able to offer your products or services in total safety: you must show on the site that you can guarantee all this because it will be a determining factor that will push potential customers to choose you rather than your competitor.

2. Analyze the language you used

Having lived in a situation of total emergency for months, it is human to expect that with the reopening of activities, things will, step by step, return to pre-Coronavirus normalcy.

As an entrepreneur/entrepreneur, you need both your collaborators and your clients to behave differently.

Take a look at the texts on your site like www.acepokies.com and ask yourself if you have used content and language that can be misunderstood. For example, figurative expressions are often used, metaphors that refer to the act of touching or being physically close. The message you want to communicate relates to something else, but using this type of expression could give your visitors the impression that it is possible to take actions that are better avoided in your business location.  It is good to replace the words used with others that convey the same message in these cases. Here are some examples of sentences to rephrase:

  • “Our collaborators work side by side every day to provide you with the service that best suits your needs.” The message you want to send: Company team is committed to customer support.
  • “Product quality that you can easily  touch with your hand ” – Message you want to send: description of the quality of the product
  • “We will welcome you  with open arms  in our beauty center” – Message you want to send: the importance of hospitality in the service offered
  • ” Trust our hands, and we will find the right solution for you” – Message you want to send: the importance of the relationship of trust between the service provider and the customer.

Don’t you think these are misplaced expressions right now? They usually work, but now they “clash” with the situation we are still experiencing. Those who visit your site are perfectly capable of understanding what you mean, but reading those words is likely to set off an alarm bell in the heads of potential customers, something that says, “Danger! It’s better not to go there ” when the goal you want to achieve is to make people understand that they can buy your services and products without fearing for their health.

If you practice a profession that involves direct contact with people, likely, you must necessarily use specific expressions to describe in detail the services you offer. In this case, you will not have to change the texts on your site, and you can limit yourself to adding information that reassures potential customers.

3. Update your contact information

“Do you have any questions, or do you want to try our products? Go to the shop! “. Here is a typical phrase present in many online shops and aimed at making site visitors feel welcome. It is still essential and, in many countries, mandatory to limit the number of people present in a shop (or in a gym, studio, etc.) so that it is possible to maintain a safe distance.

To limit the turnout in your business’s physical location without giving up on making your potential customers feel welcomed, you can focus on offering assistance via telephone or video call.  Maybe you have already been aware that you have replaced the “Call me now” button on your website with “I want a video contact.” The use of tools such as Meet or Zoom is excellent not only for cultivating relationships with old and new customers but also for meetings with your collaborators.

Here is a list of helpful tips:

  • Check if it is possible to continue holding meetings with your business partners through video calls
  • Offer personalized and professional support through chat and video call
  • Allow your site visitors to request a consultation via video call
  • Consider establishing regular hours for customers to consult with you
  • Enter details to contact you via Hangouts, Zoom, and other video services within your contact information and business profile

4. Communicate the rules in a professional way

With the relaxation of restrictions and the data on infections that fortunately decreases day by day, more and more people feel safe enough to go out into shops, offices, clubs, etc. The increased turnout makes it more challenging to try to avoid crowds. It can help remind customers what the rules are and what you expect from them.