Promote your SME without spending anything


When you manage your own business, tiny/medium-sized ones, among many things, you will also have to take care of marketing or promoting your business.  The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of experience or an unlimited budget to do this. We show you seven ideas to easily promote your business at no cost!

1. Offer your business as a “case study.”

You’ve probably used this strategy before to promote your business. But have you ever thought of becoming the subject of a “case study” of another company yourself?

First, let’s clarify the meaning of the term:  a “case study” tells how a business has helped its customers through its products or services.  It is a marketing tool that conceptually comes very close to the reviews or testimonials of the buyers, but it also describes the customer’s experience in detail. Freelancers and businesses use case studies to pragmatically show how their services or products have made a difference in the real world.

Everyone wants to show and share their successes. So if you decide to appear in a case study, you will have access to a new audience, and a company like casino online that sold you the product or service will make a good advertisement.  In short, both sides gain!

Think big: What products and services do you buy, and which would you like your business to be associated with? Maybe you own a real estate agency, and you can propose to your bank or a construction company to mention you as a case study to show to their clients. Or you are the head of a fast-growing start-up, you operate in the tech sector, and you have recently decided to migrate your product to the cloud using software developed by another company. If a product or service has positively impacted your business, contact the company that provided it to you and propose yourself as a case study.  To make your proposal attractive, remember to explain:

  • How that company’s a product/service has supported your business
  • Because your story will help the other business attract even more customers like you

2. Create a website for free

A website is like an interactive business card.  Tell the world who you are and what you do, and make sure potential customers can find you with just one click. Unlike traditional paper business cards, you can quickly create your site with total autonomy: with Jimdo, it only takes 3 minutes! Even if your business is already present online on social media and Google MyBusiness, you have everything to gain by creating a specific website for your business.

How does a site make my business more visible?

A website is much cheaper than traditional advertising. Have you ever tried to advertise your products/services in a local newspaper or a trending magazine? The cost is often prohibitive for many small businesses. On the other hand, with usa online casino, you can create a website for free and thus have a powerful tool at your disposal to connect with buyers who are located anywhere in the world.

Before making a purchase, all of us do online research and compare the prices of the various companies. A professional site sets you apart from the competition and allows you to have total control of your brand’s visual identity. You decide how customers see and perceive your brand, from the colors representing your business to the logo. Not convinced yet? Read this other article to understand why your business needs a website.

3. Create your logo

The logo is like a virtual business card that allows you to immediately communicate the essence of your brand: traditional and formal, modern and creative, and so on.

Potential customers will decide if it’s right for them based on your logo’s colors, style, and fonts. That’s why it’s so crucial that you have one that is effective and reflects your business. You don’t need to have a big budget to make one. With Jimdo’s Logo Creator, you can create a professional logo for free and in no time.

Create a logo to make your business stand out.

Create your logo now

4. Create a business profile on Google MyBusiness

It’s fast, easy, and accessible. Many businesses have not yet created a business profile on  Google My Business. This is surprising as this profile helps potential customers find your business details and location on Google and wherever they are. This is important because over 50% of organic search traffic comes from mobile devices, so your business must be on Google to be visible and grow.

Once you have created your profile on Google MyBusiness, make sure that the information is correct: telephone number, address, opening hours, everything that can be used to contact you immediately or find information on how to reach you physically.

A valid alternative to Google MyBusiness is the  Activity Profile developed by Jimdo: it allows you to automatically enter and update information relating to your business on Google and many other online platforms.

5. Take advantage of the potential of the blog

Find a leading business, influencer, or company willing to partner with you and propose to join forces.  If you both have a blog on your site, you can post an article on their blog and vice versa, allowing both sides to reach a much wider audience.

Make sure you choose a partner whose customers or readers have something to do with yours.  For example, let’s say you run an Italian restaurant abroad; why don’t you collaborate with a school where the Italian language is taught? Think about it: people who want to learn Italian are usually also interested in trying this country’s food. Conversely, an artfully cooked carbonara dish in your restaurant could inspire some customers and push them to learn the language (if only to better understand the menu!). In this example, both businesses would benefit from collaboration without competing.

Tip:  Think about the competition and choose a business as your partner that is different from yours but whose customers have similar interests to yours.  For example, if you own a sportswear store, you can partner with a gym.

Have you no idea what blogging is? In this case, it could be more challenging to set up a collaboration like the one just described. It’s worth familiar with the powerful blogging tool because it helps you connect with customers and make your business more visible.

6. Offer yourself as an expert / a

If you run a business, you likely have some knowledge and experience of a given industry.  Whether it’s cooking or accounting, delicatessen or investing, it’s full of people who might be interested in your skills. For example, journalists often need expert comments because they lend authority and credibility to their articles. Being mentioned as an expert in a newspaper article or during a television broadcast will make your name synonymous with experience in a specific field.

How to get in touch with the press

  • Contact the journalists who write for the local newspaper or the reference magazine in the sector your business operates and let them know that you are available to share your expert opinions with them when they need them. Show confidence, explain what makes you a professional and reliable person, and illustrate your skills, but don’t go too far: journalists are often short of time, pressured by tight deadlines.
  • Follow reporters on social media. Twitter is a perfect platform because many people use it to read the news. Retweet and comment on posts that are relevant to your industry.
  • Contact who’s behind your favorite podcasts.  Do you often listen to one (perhaps also followed by your customers) who deals with the sector in which your business operates? If you manage to grab a small space on the show, you will undoubtedly reach more potential customers. Remember that you will not have to use this space for advertising yourself; instead, you will have to offer something valid, such as a comment on an event in progress or an exciting story for the audience. Interact through social media with the community following the podcast and pay attention to the content that is usually covered. Contact whoever manages the podcast and ask if your intervention would be appreciated when you have something delicious to share.

7. Conduct a free workshop

Sharing your skills for free for an hour is a great way to introduce yourself and introduce your business to the people who live in the area where your business is based.

Tip:  Think about what your prospects need. Are they terrified of the tax return? This is the case for most freelancers and SMEs. If you have an accountancy firm, why not organize a free workshop where you explain the obligations to which activities subject to a specific tax regime are required? It’s a great ploy to attract even more customers! Even if several people participate only because of the free advice, they will still be pressured to turn to you in the future or to recommend your products or services, especially if you show availability and competence.

8. Seek local community support

Local organizations that deal with stimulating entrepreneurship or, in any case supporting entrepreneurial realities often organize workshops and seminars. Perhaps they might be interested in having you as a guest speaker in these situations. Consider that events of this type will be communicated to the members of the organizations and shared on social channels, thus attracting the interest of a specific audience.