Retired Horses: Care for the Elderly


It is never easy on humans when the animals that we love get older and can no longer have the same quality of life that we have watched them lead for their entire lives. With horses, it is not different, because you have probably ridden and cared for your horse as a colt and as a young horse, and as they get older it is very hard to watch.

However, you can’t let your feelings get in the way of making sure that you are providing your older horse with the proper care. There are several things that you can do to make sure that your older horse is able to have a productive and happy life, and that he will be able to be happy for many years.

First of all, be sure that when your horse reaches the age where he can no longer work or ride very hard, you turn him out to a great pasture where he can live out his days. This should be an area where he can interact with other horses, because socialization is very important, but also an area that is large enough to allow him to roam as he wants to roam. The other thing that the pasture has to have is an area that is enclosed, whether this is a barn or some other area that the horse can get underneath when it is raining. The best thing that you can give your older horse in a pasture is the freedom to choose whatever he wants to do, and to do it.

Another thing that you should remember when you are thinking about the long term care of your older horses is that if you are close to your horse when he is young, he is going to want and need that same socialization from you when he is older. You have to be sure that you still see him often and providing him with the kind of retirement that you know he deserves. You should also make sure that he gets interaction with other horses, as well.

Something else that you want to be sure you are doing for your older horse is providing him with the proper care that he needs. You want to be sure that you are watching your older horse very carefully, and that any changes in his behavior are noted, because a change in a behavior could signal an illness or an injury, and if this is the case you want to be sure you are attending to it right away. An older horse is going to be more prone to getting sick or injured much easier than a younger horse, so be sure that you are watching carefully and doing anything that needs to be done for your older horse as soon as you can.