All Styles and Sizes: The Basic Types of Cigars


For the new smoker, the different styles and sizes of cigars can seem mind-boggling. It helps to know that all cigars fit into two broad categories: parejos and figurados.

Parejos refers to cigars that are basically straight. They are subdivided into three categories: coronas, panatelas, and lonsdales. Coronas come in a variety of styles and famous brands.
They are known as cigars with an ‘open foot’ (or tip) and a rounded head. Panatelas, generally longer than coronas, are thinner. Lonsdales are also longer than coronas, but are thinner than panatelas.

The second basic category consists of the figurados. Figurados refers to cigars that are irregular or somehow hand-shaped. A figurados cigar is not strictly straight. The smallest type of figurados is the belicoso cigar; these have a larger foot and a smaller, rounded head. Another basic figurado cigar is the pyramid, which have pointed heads that taper to a large foot. The perfecto is a figurado cigar that is tapered on both the head and foot, with a thinner middle. The largest figurado is the diademas, known as the ‘giant’ of cigars, because it is always eight inches or longer.