Attraction Marketing-Positioning For Leadership.


Attraction Marketing-Maximising Success.

Down through the years the Mlm industry has refined, developed and matured, and although embracing many techniques for faster development , the primary concepts remain the same.

The business rationale of Mlm is to forge communities of consumers in a cost effective fashion into which goods, services, information etc will be marketed.

Without doubt it is an exceptionally successful model and many individuals have produced abundant monthly residual incomes through the growth and expansion of mlm organisations.

One of the most recent techniques to heighten the rate of Network development is the employment of Attracting Marketing concepts, which if implemented thoroughly, can and will significantly heighten the leverage necessary to generate significant organisations.

Most likely the most well known and prosperous exponent of Attraction Marketing is Mike Dillard , who by means of Magnetic Sponsoring, remodeled the approach for the majority of new business entrants.

So let’s just the theory, and investigate how best we may implement the principles into our own organisations and enhance the speed we should achieve our goals.

As suggested ,in reality Network Marketing is founded on the construction of distribution channels via which we can market goods, services, products, information etc for profit.

In conventional Network expansion, the guidance for new entrants is to build lists of known contacts, family, and friends, work colleagues etc and then approach this list with a view to moving product, recruiting or both.

An adept Leader will command the speed of network development by accepting authority for drilling depth down through new recruits’ lists.

Unquestionably this pattern works and will continue to work, although limited by the time availability of the leader and the number of individuals with the appropriate skill- sets, motivation and drive required to put into action this system.

Still, in the online medium, by specifically targeting a market, branding youself a leader and attracting prospects, the dynamic of the whole relationship changes.

In accustomed development,by pitching and chasing prospects, the power lies with the prospect.

In contrast, being identified as a leader and via the of an automated process, supplying advice, help and guidance, helping individuals solve their problems and being seen as an person who adds value, the potential is staggering.

In simple terms Attraction Marketing is Branding, Positioning, and Adding Value. Through the use of a Lead Capture Page which encourages individuals to enter their contact details, it directs them into a sales funnel and the opportunity to monetize the list

Once in the sales funnel, via auto responders, relationships can be developed (individuals do business with those they know, like and trust), value should be added, advice distributed and an atmosphere made in which people are comfortable to buy- it becomes a marketing not selling business.

Unhappily Leadership is dangerously lacking in society, and being seen as a leader in a clear-cut field with the capacity to help people either solve their problems and accomplish their goals, makes you a valuable commodity.

This is subtle selling; it is a method of education, of giving before receiving, of allowing individuals to understand your value, buy into the concepts and PULL themselves in.

This review of Attraction Marketing is by Bob White. Bob White s a highly successful Networker ranking in the top 1.5% in his primary business.To learn his methods, visit A Route To Wealth