Influencing Other People in 5 easy steps


Lots of people are attacted to the power of persuasion. Selling a product, convincing people to join a cause, influencing the people around you, all of these can be reinforced by the power of persuasion.

Before learning how to persuade others, you must know more about the process of persuasion. Persuasion is actually convincing someone to accept a new belief. If you’re a good speaker, this may sound very easy, but you are likely to be erroneous. Everyone has their own beliefs about an existing idea. The effort you put in proving a point may be just going down the drain due to what we call resistance. Resistance is the force that prevents others to acknowledge an idea. As you will find later on, breaking the resistance may be the hardest step in persuading a person.

There is no one way to convince everyone, because there are difficult types of people who are almost impossible to persuade. If you are thinking of tricking someone, you must know that it will be very hard for you to do so, as you will learn later on.

These guidelines are not absolute, nor is it guaranteed to work on everyone. But it will help you develop persuasion skills and give you a better chance in changing other people’s minds.

Believe in Your Idea

When you believe in your own idea, you will fight for it. Have you ever experienced debating about something you believed in? You may find that it helps, because believing in your own idea makes your arguments stronger and more assertive. This is often found in leaders who have a clear image in their minds, they tend to pursue their beliefs and succeed. This is also the reason why fooling someone contradicts the idea of persuasion.

Understand His Motives

People have different mindsets and motivations. Learning these things is difficult to accomplish, because these data are not readily attainable. You must discover how to learn personal information from the other person before attempting to understand his personality and beliefs. In doing so, not only are you breaking him from within, but you are also making him vulnerable to your suggestions.

Break the Resistance

Before bringing out all of your cards in the table, you must try to destroy any existing beliefs he has. Disprove his beliefs, and most importantly, do it in an assertive manner. Confidence will be the key. If he knowledgeable on the subject matter, undermine that knowledge. This is the breaking point of most people, especially rational ones. So you must do your homework before attempting to convince a rational thinking person.

Power of the Subconscious

Expressing an idea to a person, however absurd it may be, creates an impact. It is what we often call the power of suggestion. Suggesting something will always create an impact on one’s subconscious. And with proper repetition and reinforcement, may prove to be powerful. This technique is often found in programming other people’s minds, especially in training children.

Willingness to be Convinced

This is one step that is forgotten by the most. Being falsely submissive to their ideas helps create an illusion that you are open to change. This will help others to do the same and change their minds on the current subject.

Hailleyy Collins is an author, blogger and student. She is currently taking up a degree in Psychology and studies the structure and implications of having large families. She is the middle child of three sisters. She is currently interested in middle child syndrome and its effects on children.