Magnetic Sponsoring Review-Worth The Investment?


Magnetic Sponsoring Course – Worth The Money?

The word” Visionary” is frequentlybandied about however in although in most cases inappropriately; a visionary is one who challenges the status quo which significantly impacts the route of history . With regard to the history of the Network Marketing Industry, Mike Dillard , the writer of Magnetic Sponsoring ,certainly fits the bill.

If you are reading this essay, it is likely you are thinking about buying the “Magnetic Sponsoring” course or a different product from his marketing suite. I know this is a review, but if you have more than just a passing curiosity in your triumph in the Networking Industry, then lets get straight to the point- BUY IT.

So who is Mike Dillard?

Having failed miserably in his MLM business for quite a few years, handicapped through shyness, little self confidence and waiting tables for a living, Mike Dillard transformed into a networking giant, shifting forever the modus operandi of thriving network promotion and in the process becoming an a 8 figure earning MLM phenomenon.

What is Magnetic Sponsoring?

Magnetic Sponsoring discusses the development in thought process ,actions,mindset and business positoning via which Dillard evolved , and though at first printed for his own downline, this book offers considerable lessons for each of us- if we are indeed resolute about our business futures.

Many new to the industry still follow the traditional suggestion of list building; adding family ,friends, neighbours, work colleagues and pretty much anyone else they can think of- then contacting with a view of either “sponsoring” them into their new opportunity or making them a “preferred client”

For a few, this method nonetheless works although attempting to “sell a business idea” to an unqualified prospect is like trying to retail meat to a vegetarian- time and again concluding in rejection and censure- specially from those nearest and dearest

Is it then any surprise the vast mass of individuals involved in the Network Marketing industry are not and will not create the wealth they would wish..?

In the opening to Magnetic Sponsoring, Dillard suggests if an individual study’s the philosophy outlined, their knowledge of the networking business will be extensively altered and their resulting modus operandi will modify forever. a brave declaration indeed… but does the book live up to this claim?

Having purchased this book myself and studied the information attentively , there is only one answer.. the contention is vindicated and even exceeded.

According to Dillard, leadership and success are internal; individuals commonly fall into one of 3 categories: Alpha’s, Pre- Alphas and Beta’s and while the pamphlet does explore into the psychology of leadership in some depth, as this is an essential theory it is unquestionably justified.

An Alpha is a leader, Pre-Alpha’s are leaders on the rise and Beta’s are the flowers in life.

Uncover 5 Alpha’s and you are effectively on the way to Financial Victory – simple in thought…but how do you acquire these leaders?

Here the concept of Attracting Marketing is introduced- becoming the hunted instead of the hunter. Having people searching you out and furnishing information which adds value is the indication of a leader.

Developing an Alpha personality is crucial, and so is the hypothesis of the Funded Proposal.

On the whole people who you attract will not connect with your primary business, not matter how beneficial you think it is.

However on no account overlook the first rule of business is to stay in business- by building a self funding system that generates certain cash-flow whether individuals join your business or not is an essential ingredient in the success formula- a formula not followed by most.

Understand this is a” Marketing,” not a “Selling” business; people do not like to be sold, so fashion a practice which allows them to purchase at their own discretion in their own time-scale, all the while funding the architecture.

It is regrettable the bulk of people involved in this industry never achieve the considerable income they desire, whilst clinging to hope like a comfort blanket.

Few indeed are the substantial earners, but following the instruction in Magnetic Sponsoring will drastically increase the chances of joing this select group.


According to Dillard, leadership and success are internal; individuals normally fall into one of 3 categories: Alpha’s, Pre- Alphas and Beta’s and one of the key questions is who to sponsor and where to invest time.

Developing an Alpha personality is essential, but so is the concept of the Funded Proposal. Make the system self-sustaining.

Bring to a close chasing unqualified individuals that have little or no concern in separating themselves from the herd. Set yourself as a leader, be the hunted not the hunter and the whole dynamic of the relationship changes.

So here comes the tricky question, is Magnetic sponsoring worth the $37 dollars or so that it costs?

One of the key shortcomings of the majority is they never invest the time, trouble or emotional energy to comprehend specifically what they would desire to accomplish from a lucrative Network Marketing business.

Once a clear, concise, focused vision is attained, the next step is a “leveraged” route to market.”

By implementing the strategies, approach and systemisation summarized in Magnetic Sponsoring, an individual will have a very much higher probability of success.

In Summary.

In short, success in Networking, or any other sphere for that matter, is an internal not external phenomenon: Magnetic Sponsoring does indeed deliver on its promise to change, in 2 hours, people’s perspective of the industry. Having evaluated the material myself, I am happy to testify this to be true.

This Magnetic Sponsoring Review is by Bob White. Bob White is a successful Network Marketer ranking in the top 1.5% of distributors in his Primary Business , having helped many others to Networking success along the way. To learn his MLM secrets visit A Route To Wealth