Mike Dillard Review-Visionary and Leader?


Mike Dillard Review – Visionary and Leader?

In this Mike Dillard review we glimpse at how he has turned into a thriving entrepreneur, guru to the network marketing industry, and lately an investment coach by way of his latest business The Elevation Group.

He is an icon in the Networking Industry and his ideas carry significant sway in constructing and structuring successful Network Marketing/MLM businesses.

So who is the man at the back of this MLM explosion?

Dillard like many entering the Networking Industry, failed repeatedly for several years, but better than quit, developed a system and method which transformed him from a struggling waiter to millionaire in 18 months. An impressive feat

Magnetic Sponsoring

He explains this alteration in a book (at the start intended for his personal organisation) which, on entetering the public domain, took the industry by storm and projected him into mlm history superstar status. The book Magnetic Sponsoring has become his signature theme, eventually developing this initial concept into a multi million pound business in its own right.

Like most successful people, Dillard instituted a better, more effective use of his time and a more professional pathway through business, the modification primarily in mindset, posture, attitude, the understanding of leadership and becoming the hunted instead of the hunter. The view of positioning yourself as a leader, an expert in the industry (Attraction Marketing) is one most important to all profitable organisations.

His leading creation, Magnetic Sponsoring, changed not only his own business, but the way in which the industry as a whole is perceived. In developing MS he has made millions and in addition developed other businesses along the way.

His current portfolio, in addition to his own successful blog includes:

Magnetic Sponsoring

Better Networker

The Elevation group

Digital Prana.

Meant for sincere, committed individuals intent on Networking success, the starting point if truth be told is Magnetic Sponsoring. Even if this book does probe into the realms of psychology, it is acceptable as an knowledge of leadership principles is important to achievement.

additionally, it allows a clear appreciation of whatis needed to do well, the type of person you must become, and where (and with whom) to invest your time).

Unsurprisingly , the thoughts discussed in MS differ from customary MLM wisdom, and may explain why the industry has such a high drop out rate.

In Dillard’s view, this is a Network “Marketing”, not a network “Selling” industry.

One of the major accusations levied at MS is that the products are pricey- however the price of success is straightforward, each individual has the choice to either pay it or not- it in reality does come down to accepting personal responsibility, taking command of your life and developing the neceaasry leadership qualities.

Possibly the best introduction to Dillard’s thinking is through the Magnetic Sponsoring course;you can then make your own assessment , and if impressed, buy his other offerings.

A full marketing suite including affiliate commissions is available. (The idea of the Funded Proposal, ignored by many, is essential to building a successful organisation:

The Offering

Magnetic Sponsoring

Black Belt Recruiting

Building on a Budget

MLM Traffic Formula

Pay Per Click Domination

What’s Working Now

Copywriters Guild

Inner Circle Newsletter

It is fair to suggest that an awareness and implementation of these ideas will appreciably increase an individual’s possibility of success.

His own “light bulb” instant come through deciding no longer to follow the crowd, rather get the crowd to follow him.

Given that each product is completely guaranteed clearly suggests the offering is of the highest quality; individuals can try, apply and return if not fully satisfied (confirm the terms/timescales on each product).

That this offering has generated millions indicates the majority of subscribers are more than happy;in addition , both online or offline support is available.

Better Networker.

This is a community of like minded people and allows the opportunity (online) to associate, and learn from many of the most successful Networkers in the industry .Subscription is free.

The Elevation Group

The Elevation Group, recently launched (monthly subscription) aims to impart intelligence and a passageway through the complexities of the financial world.

In many ways, The Elevation Group is on the same page as Robert Kiyosaki (Conspiracy of The Rich)advocating the necessity to prepare for the turbulent times ahead.

Digital Prana.

Digital Prana, Dillard’s current project can best be summed up in its mission statement.” To build the ultimate niche marketing platform by integrating social media stick, with direct response salesmanship. Combine with best-in-class customer service and product quality, and the end result is the domination of any niche we enter.”

In Closing,Dillard offers superb value for money, and will assist the sincere networker far in excess of the monetary outlay.

This Mike Dillard Review is by Bob White. Bob White is a successful Network Marketer ranking in the top 1.5% of distributors in his Primary Business , having helped many to Networking success along the way. To learn his MLM secrets visit A Route To Wealth