MLM Training- Staying on Track


MLM Training- Staying on Track

Since you are reading this piece it’s sensible to believe you are either in or considering joining the MLM Industry.

Congratulations,it is an exceptional opportunity and will pay back many-fold,the energy, focus and emotional commitment you invest into your business.

So you are off and running, enthusiastic, entirely persuaded you are barely a brief step away from the life of your dreams – yes you may bump into a small amount of negative but your enthusiasm will win the day.

Nevertheless MLM, resembling any other industry is a marathon not a sprint, and one of the difficulties is staying focused, dedicated and commited as soon as the original adrenalin charge of enthusiasm has disappeared.

What’s more, as the bulk of distributors are part-time, there are a multitude of additional activities demanding time and attention; work, family, social engagements etc. Continuing to focus becomes fundamental to long term accomplishment.

So How Can This Be Achieved?

In the main, there is no magical formula or one-stop shop to victory. Still there are methods and systems which, if used long enough, develop into habits, and if these habits are helpful and inspiring, will convey you to your selected destination.

Goal Setting

Maybe one of the most arduous challenges individuals new to the industry need address is the art of goal setting.

It is uncommon to come across an individual who appreciates, in precise detail and timescale, precisely what they are striving to achieve. Most new entrants have some abstracted notion of success and are soon disappointed when this anticipated success eludes them.

Unquestionably there are shakers and movers, the achievers in life… they know specifically what they want, when they want it, are commited to their dreams, develop a plan and stick to it until they succeed.

Goals need to be unambiguous, in black and white with dates attached.

An remarkable and motivating goal setting process that works exceptionally well, whilst engaging both the right (creative) and left (logical) sides of the brain is:

Goal Mapping – by Brian Mayne.

However as the activities of life continually fight for attention, maintaining focus becomes a great deal more difficult, and the reason why many “New Years Resolutions “are forgotten by February.

One of the methods to stay on track is through affirmations.


Jot down your goals on paper, keep them with you at all times, and read them out loud at least 3 times a day with “emotional intensity.” Imagine yourself already in possession of your objective, truly living the lifestyle you desire.

Two books which will be of great benefit are:

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself – Shad Helmstetter.

Psycho-Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz


Undoubtedly, daily reading of suitable books is the finest way to modify your thinking.

Every day read at least 15 minutes per day, and cement this into your diary.

A few books worth mentioning:

Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill

The 4 Hour Work Week- Tim Ferris

You Can if You Think You Can- Norman Vincent Peale

To build a big MLM business necessitates leadership and development of a wide mixture of skill-sets.


It desn’t matter how tiring your diary there is always time to fill your mind by audios; there are continually situations in which actions can be combined.

Affirmative CD’s, MP3’s etc listened to whilst driving or undertaking some of life’s more mundane activities, achieves 2 things:

1. Keep your mind focused on the positive.

2. Just as important- keep your mind off the negative (displacement theory).


Few indeed are individuals who have succeeded in isolation.

Discover and partner with mentors; individuals who have already accomplished what you are looking to achieve- listen, study and learn from these people -why re-invent the wheel?

One last thing… stay away from negative people!!!

This article on MLM Training-Staying on Track is by Bob White. Bob White is a successful Network Marketer ranking in the top 1.5% of distributors in his Primary Business , having helped many others to success along the way. To learn his MLM secrets visit A Route To Waelth