Persistence for the Networking Professional


Persistence for the Networking Professional.

Persistence, now this is a regularly used word, predominantly as it is the concealed seat of both failure and success. Without it success is mostly impossible.

It is fascinating that only 5% of people at age 65, after 40+ years in the working world, are financially autonomous.

Now it would be somewhat silly to assume the individuals comprising this 95% set out at age 20 with the ambition to fail. If questioned they were no doubt hopeful they would enjoy a life suffused with success, fame and fortune. So why did such an extensive majority not acquire the dreams, goals and aspirations they desired in their youth?

Lack of persistence is at the root of failure. Performance is not calculated simply in terms of financial wealth, as each person beginning their journey will have a different definition, yet Og Mandino describes failure as “the inability of man to reach his goals in life whatever they may be.”

So why, as individuals do we find it so distressing to persist? Why do we fight to remain on our journey whenever all the indicators reveal we are travelling the incorrect trail?

There is certainly only one answer, we are our own worst enemies and defeat ourselves with our negative self talk; by regularly convincing ourselves of our prior failures, unfavourably measuring our weaknesses to others strengths, and constantly doubting our own abilities, can one day wear down the resistance of even the hardiest of souls.

So as a Networking professional, someone intent on establishing and developing extensive distribution channels, how best do we deal with the failures along the way and continue our journey?

It may seem slightly simplistic, but if we can train ourselves with 2 positive habits, we will effectively increase our expectation of exploding right through the invisible barrier enclosing our personal definitions of prosperity.

So what are these 2 habits?

1. An absolute crystal clear vision of what it is we are seeking to attain. We should maintain our eyes, senses and attention fixed on this objective, no matter what obstacles and distractions cross our path.

2. Affirmations (sometimes referred to as Mantras). By persistently conditioning our own minds with the behaviours and habits we wish to instil and possesses, will by definition, remove our minds from focusing on the negative. Luckily we are not able to think negative and positive thoughts concurrently, so through focusing our awareness firmly on the positive, we are well on the way to enjoying the attainment we desire

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