Robert Kiyosaki- Network Marketing Advocate


Robert Kiyosaki – Network Marketing Advocate.

Robert Kiyosaki is one of the generally recognized names both on and offline,why is that?

Maybe one reason is perhaps due to the unconventional nature of his opinions, and view that passive income is paramount; a belief shared by Network Marketers.

Author, capitalist, winning business man, multi-millionaire and advocate of the MLMIndustry, he allows an insight into the attitude of a profitable entrepreneur and the linked design processes crucial for victory.

It should come as no surprise, that several of his thoughts ,methods and views run contrary to the normal wisdom of the accepted educational establishment : work intensely, get superior grades in order to attain a safe stable job with benefits.

In today’s market it’s worth noting the notion of a safe,secure job is disappearing fast.

As the writer of 15 books, (havingsold more than26 million copies!!) he demonstrates the unusual capability of turning complex concepts into readily understood English. An enlightening stance as the rest of the world seems to be travelling in the reverse direction taking complete pleasure in making things so difficult to understand, we want an ever increasing array of “experts” to explain them.

If a person is feeling ensnared in the financial jungle and faithfully looking for the “EXIT” symbol, Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad” book series, provides an exceptional spot to map an escape route.

However, before this escape route can be planned, it’s required to comprehend the rules of the game. In his books he discusses individual responsibility, financial literacy, definitions of assets and liabilities together residual income and cash-flow generation.In Kiyosaki’s opinion ,CASH-FLOW is king.

It is this perception of passive ( residual) income, that attracts many people to the Networking industry.

In reality he is such an ardent supporter of the MLM industry , that in reply to the question, “if you had to start over again what would you do differently ?”- he replied he would look for success via the networking industry, as it provides an easier and less risky course to financial security.

So what is it the Networking business offer?

Primarily 2 key ingredients missing in the traditional “job” route:

1. Leverage

2. Passive cash-flow (residual income)

Through the ideas of leverage and passive cash-flow, (due to an automated method) allows an individual to design and live the life they wish.

As an teacher, Kiyosaki recommends constructing your own financial confidence via economic literacy and business ownership rather than through the way of an employee;he suggests building and owning the structure, rather than working in and for it.

Yet, it is fair to say only a few people are ready to step out of the crowd and chase down their dreams and it is for these select few that MLM opens the door to success and financial independence.

In most businesses a constant flow of potential customers/ business partners is vital, and the networking industry is no different.

There are 2 noteworthy obstacles to overcome:

1. Lack of Leads.

2. Lack of cash-flow.

Normally by overcoming the first, the second is pretty much licked as well.

Many of the themes Kiyosaki discusses revolve around increasing financial astuteness and building assets to generate passive CASH-FLOW. Cash -flow is king and building an ongoing residual income through Networking is fundamental to financial independence.

This Review of Robert Kiyosaki-Network Marketing Advocate is by Bob White. Bob White is a successful Network Marketer ranking in the top 1.5% of distributors in his Primary Business , having helped many others to success along the way. To learn his MLM secrets visit A Route To Wealth