Self Discipline and Habit Creation – For Network Marketers.


Self Discipline and Habit Creation – For Network Marketers.

Self discipline and habit creation is one of those indefinable skills that can be learnt over time and one of the imperative constituents required for us to obtain the goals and dreams we want.

Few indeed are people who complete their capability, and it is not because we lack ability, flair or desire, more so as we get enraptured in the complexities and flow of life and only infrequently realise and accomplish the things we attempt.

Still all is not lost. Through developing the level of self discipline we utilize in our lives it is conceivable, over a period, to substantially improve both our attainment and productivity.

We have not arrived in our current situation overnight; we are the totality of all the decisions (some more important than others) we have made.

Through deepening our self discipline by way of the exertion of preferred habits we are able to enhance the rate and speed we may attain our objectives.

Anyhow, before we can exercise this self discipline, a few things need be understood.

Our lives are the completion of our habits, a few we have selected, the most being implanted through upbringing, education etc.

If we are to improve things, we need:

a) Pinpoint our negative self defeating habits and

b) Select the ones we wish to supplant them with.

Once we can embed our chosen habits into our activity, it is these habits that will create the future we desire.

A few steps are required to improve self discipline, as like any acquired skill, it is controlled a step at a time, to the degree it becomes part of our sub-conscious modus operandi.

Four Things are necessary:

1. An detailed and clear comprehension of what it is we seek to gain.

2. Habits. Even if we agree or not, the majority of of our activities are performed at the subconscious level; driving, eating, tieing our shoelaces etc and it is required to raise this habit up to conscious comprehension, before we can address it.

Only a habit can replace another habit, and as it is our habits that have produced the situation we wish to change, then we really must select, and then implement our chosen new habits into our lives.

3. What gets measured gets managed.

If the majority of our actions are indeed performed at the sub subconscious level, before we can influence and change, we need first raise the decision into the domain of the conscious; we do that through focus:

Choose an area of life we desire to enhance (lose weight, get fitter, increase sales etc) and then bring that action into conscious attention through watching how many times we perform that activity daily. This basic act of noting down (on paper) the recurrence will bring it into our awareness and once in our attention we can influence.

4. Start small. By setting initial targets too high, we are without doubt positioning ourselves for failure. Through selecting a target we can achieve, will, by its very achievement ,lay down a platform on which we can build.

Through focusing on our positive achievements, we can build a pattern of success into our activities and thus build the self belief, confidence and self discipline we require.

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