Tips for How to Use Positive Affirmations


Tips for How to Use Positive Affirmations

Words  do  effect WHAT WE THINK? + HOW WE FEEL? = WHAT WE DO?

The Spoken Word is nothing more that specific vibrations  much like oceans waves or vibrations coming from musical instruments. That we hear as music.  This music can either be soothing to the system or make you want to scream or just turn it off.

Words are like that also.  Positive words  energize us  and  Negative words zap our energy.

This is where using  Positive  Affirmations  come into play.  Affirmations do not change the world around us.  Affirmations used correctly change us.  Which in turn effects the world around us.  

Affirmations  assist us in becoming more in tune with the things that are important to us as individuals.  Affirmations help us to keep our minds focused. 

When the  word that is spoken  is  in  what is thought of as  vibrational balance then the words are heard as  being positive words and the sound effects every cell in the body and its surroundings.

There is  the silent word which is known only to the one thinking it.  This does not eliminate the end results of  what is heard.  Every Cell within the body still hears what is being spoken.

The more passion or strong the feeling is about what is being heard within or without has the  most effect on the physical body.

The physical body is itself simply a collection of  more than  60 trillion cells. These cells are in living organisms that make up what we think of  as our bodies. There is constant communication going on all the time at the cellular level within  the whole organism.   This communication is not  something that we can hear like we do audible words or even the silent conversations that go on with our minds all the time.

Just because we do not  know how the cells are communicating does make it now so.

Right Speech:  Watch your words. Try not to spend time listening or engaging in negative conversations or gossip. These conversations are damaging and can drag your vibration to low levels quickly. In the book Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life gossip is defined as the transference of emotional poison from on person to another

Follow Positive People:  Like attracts like! When you spend time with negative people, you will often feel tired and drained. Why? Because negative people require and absorb energy from others. When you spend time with positive people you will feel uplifted or more energetic. People with a positive disposition create energy and their higher vibrations affects others in a positive way.

You can read anywhere about how to create affirmations, what exactly positive affirmations do, and how they work. 

 But it can be a little harder to find tips on how to make them more successful for you. 

 Because everyone is unique  – everyone has to find what works for them. Not because affirmation do no work because they do. There is not just one way to use Affirmations there are many different ways. 

You may  have heard a lot about affirmations and even tried it some but with very little results.

 The reason is  YOU did not do them consistently  and with passion or feeling. When using affirmations  in the beginning it very doubtful that you  will believe much in what you are saying to yourself in the form of an affirmation.  It takes practice and  persistence because you are working to change deep seated beliefs about yourself and the world you live in.

The fact is every word you hear and accept as being the truth is an affirmation whether positive or negative.  This is the reason  making a list of  only Positive Affirmations is so important.   NO one ever  has to do anything to have their minds programmed  with negative statements.   

There is NO one who can change your thought processes for you except yourself. Just as you cannot change the thought process for  someone else.

So when it comes to  using Positive Affirmations  you are the only  who can do this for yourself.  Another way of  thinking about  Positive Affirmations is called Self –Talk.

This is what we will talk about today.

Understand that repetition is a key to success. Anything that is done consistently over and over  hardens in to fact that make up our reality.

Think about when you are told to exercise  but that you must do it consistently for it to work for you. Well Affirmations work the same way.

Listed here are some tips to assist you in using Positive Affirmations. It does little good to make a list of  positive affirmations read them once or twice a day  and let the mind run rampant the rest of  the day.   For affirmations to work for you then YOU must use them.

  For instance  you need to mow the lawn  and you put this on your to do list. Every day you read over your list but  still mow the lawn is on the list. WHY?  Because you did not take action to get the lawn mowed.

The standard practice is to repeat your affirmations upon waking up and right before going to bed.  The more that you repeat your affirmations to yourself, the more that you mind will become saturated with the ideas you are trying to convey to it the faster you will see results.  The mind is constantly vacillating  from one thought to another. 

Do you know that the mind processes more than 50,000 thoughts daily.  It is only the ones that you tune into that effect your life.  Therefore using Positive Affirmations is about deliberating  keeping you mind focused on the type of thoughts you want to think  about.  In the Law of  Attraction this is called  Deliberate Creation  by intention. YOU already posses the power to do this no  one has to give it to nor can they because you already possess it.  Un-used perhaps  still laying dormant but it is there none the less.

It is written  “ As a man thinketh so is he”   or so will it be.   Words are Thoughts but how you ponder and  feel about what you hear is what makes the difference.  Human beings  are not the creators of  WORDS.  But we use them everyday.  Never think for one second that words do not effect our lives because they do. 

It is also written “it is not what goes in the mouth that defiles us but what comes out because what comes out comes from the Heart”   The only thing that comes out of the mouth are words.   Do not ever underestimate the value of the spoken word  that which you think about to yourself but never speak aloud  and the words that you do speak aloud.  When it comes to the art of creating  a better life for our self.  Both are  important.  Of course there is something about the Word that is spoken aloud that makes it appear more real  to us all.   

The saying is  [ Change how you think and You Change your Life ]   Thoughts are  un-manifested  things.  Things are Ideas that have not yet taken on the feel of  physical  reality.  They are real but without physical form.

Positive Affirmations are tools that you use to help bring your IDEA of a better life into physical reality.

So it is a good idea to  have some type of  physical reminder to let you know that when to  recite your Positive Affirmations.  Anything that will help remind you to say your positive affirmations will be a great thing.

For example, if you put your hands in your pockets often, you may want to carry around a rough stone that will trigger your memory.  In other words, every time you put your hands in your pocket and feel the stone, you know that you should repeat your affirmations to yourself. You can call this your Lucky Stone because it serves as reminder to  you to stay focused.

This is the same thing, though less visible than tying a ribbon around your finger, however you can tie a ribbon if that will help you.  Another good tip for succeeding with your positive affirmations is to use pictures  especially when saying  the affirmations aloud  while you are looking at a specific picture image of what you would like  be , do or have.  The saying is a  Picture is worth a thousand words  simple because the mind can hold the image of the picture much longer than it will just the thought itself.

Think of a movie you have seen in the past that from time to time you will remember bits and pieces of  what you saw.  Or a Song that you really liked and the melody comes to mind even when you do not remember all the words so you go around just humming the melody.

 Picture what your affirmative statements should look like to you, and how you will feel and look when they are successful. 

You can use simple  mantras that you can repeat to yourself helps a lot in this regard. Read over the following list of positive affirmations. Mantras are like one word statement to help keep your mind focused on the desire outcome.    So for attracting more money into your life you might  formulate a  mantra that goes like this.  “Money, Money, Money, I like Money and Money likes me.”  Especially when you are feeling the need for more money to be flowing freely in your life.    Or  just say over and over to  yourself Wealth, Wealth, Wealth or  for  more peace just say over and over to yourself Peace, Peace, Peace.  Just keep in mind that every word vibrates at its own level.  YOU do not have to make it so it just is SO.

But KNOW THIS every time you  use Positive Affirmations you are  quite literally changing the  molecular  structure of  you  very  being at the cellular level.

  Even just saying one word mantras effects the cellular structure of  the brain which effects the whole body at the cellular level.

Positive thinking isn’t bunk pseudoscience: scientists have found that, by trying to be upbeat, your brain actually responds to sound vibrations we think of as Words. Positive words change the chemical structure within the brain which in turn effects all the cells within the body.  HOW long does it take for this to happen.  Well It  happens instantly.

What appears to take time is KEEPING the mind permanently stayed on the  What it is that we are Affirming as  being so for us as individuals.  Especially when there does not yet appear to be any physical evidence.  This is why using Affirmations takes  a  firm dedication even when there is no evidence YET of  what we are Affirming. 

Affirmations should always  be in  first  person singular as though it is already a fact. Affirmations should be spoken with as much passion and feeling as is possible even if at the present you do not really believe them  SAY them like you DO.

Positive Affirmation cannot be  vague or ambiguous.  This leave to much room for doubt and the subconscious mind will always take the path of  least resistance.  So  if  you make and affirmation statements like “ I  will not be sick any more” or  “ I have the potential to be successful” etc  the first one you are actually affirming that you will be sick.  Because what the subconscious hears is  I and Sick.  The other statement is  to vague it has no place to move other than to remain with the idea of  potential.   

This becomes much more than just words, it becomes an almost real thing.  The image is so clear in your mind that your subconscious can almost reach out and grab it.  This will make it so much easier for your mind to be able to accept your positive affirmations for fact.

But how to think positively? Easy: repeat a list of positive affirmations of your worth to yourself.

Read through them and see which ones make the most sense to you and your lifestyle.  You can then use any of a combination of these tips to reinforce your positive affirmations, and help them go from being an abstract thought to your new reality.

You can always  use any of a combination of these tips to reinforce your positive affirmations, and help them go from being an abstract thought to your new reality

Find ones that speak to you, and repeat them to yourself whenever you are feeling blue. You will be surprised how good they can make you feel. They can get you moving and active again, getting those endorphins flowing.

Understand that repetition is a key to success. 

Read over the following list of positive affirmations use the ones that your resonate to right now.

Learn some of these affirmations. Because you are worth it.

1. I have worth

2. I am worth loving

3. My point of view matters

4. I live an interesting life

5. I am interesting

6. I am rich with blessings

7. I am energetic, even if I don’t always seem like it

8. I am smart

9. I am clever

10. I learn quickly

11. I am knowledgeable

12. I am a calm person

13. Comprehension isn’t a problem for me

14. My mind is clear and capable of rational thought

15. I have a great job

16. My job is steady and meaningful

17. I am a happy person

18. People love me

19. People care about me

20. People want to be around me

21. Every day, I earn more money and move up a little more in the world

22. My life is getting better every day

23. I am a successful person

24. I am healthy

25. I am beautiful

26. I have healthy relationships

27. I am care-free

28. I am free

29. I love my job

30. I have great friends who care for me

31. I believe in myself, and others do to. Even if they don’t always say it.

32. I am not alone in this world

33. I make enough money

34. I am healthy and choose to live healthily

35. I choose to live a healthy lifestyle

36. My history doesn’t determine my future

37. I can do anything

These are just a few to get you started. You might notice that some are the same variations of others; that is an important trick, because repetition of an idea makes the idea more effective. While this list should help you, the best results will come from affirmations you write yourself for yourself.

You will care about them more, and they will mean more. Avoid any negative thoughts when writing them, sticking to things that make you happy and you can believe. Write several different versions of each, and read the list whenever you feel down or think you can’t do something. Because you are a valuable person, no matter what your biology wants to make you think.

Geneva Gallander LMT, NMT, TPT, MFT,EFT,CRA, NC, OA