Use packaging as a marketing tool


When a customer clicks on the “Buy” button, the product will have to travel a long way most of the time before reaching the hands of those who bought it. The package will likely be shaken, fall to the ground, or end up under an even heavier package. It must be said that a package can have a function that goes far beyond the simple protection of the products: it can even influence the perception that people have of your brand. Have you ever thought about using shipping packaging as a marketing tool? Luxurious and exclusive or environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging? What does the type of package you choose tell about you?

In this article, we will talk about how to package your products and explain the steps to follow to make the package reflect your brand like casinoadvice.io site. Let’s go beyond the simple cardboard box and see together how to make your customers live a unique shopping experience that they will look forward to sharing with other people!

1. How to choose the right packaging

The main function of packaging is to protect products: if they arrive damaged, this will cause disappointment and frustration in your customers who will immediately want to return what they purchased online. You, therefore, need packaging that is waterproof and contains filler material inside to serve as additional protection. Be careful not to overdo it! Better to avoid customers puzzling to figure out how to open a package wrapped in tons of scotch tape!

  • Order several packaging samples. If you have a small or medium-sized business, you will most likely want to use packaging made from standard materials that have a custom design. We suggest you go to various manufacturers and order samples of different sizes.
  • Think outside the box. Padded wrappers or plastic bags are a good alternative if you need to ship clothing or other small items. Since this type of packaging is very light, this will help you reduce shipping costs. They are also perfect if you want to make deliveries nearby, perhaps on foot or by bicycle.
  • Get packaging of different sizes. This way you will be able to quickly fulfill any type of order. For example, you won’t ship separately if you get an order for 3 books, and you won’t run the risk of annoying a customer by using a giant package to deliver a pair of tiny earrings.

Test your packaging!

Quality packaging can be opened without running the risk of damaging the product inside. Here are some tips for testing the quality of the package:

  • Pack and then unpack the box just as if you were a customer. Just try to open it with your hands. Can you do it easily or do you necessarily have to resort to kitchen scissors? Ask friends and relatives to carry out the same test by suggesting that they don’t go too thin, as your customers will most likely not be very delicate when opening the package!
  • Throw a package on the floor and put it in the shower for a while. By doing this you will have an idea of ​​how resistant and waterproof it is. You may eventually decide to add more protective filling material inside or to insert an additional layer of waterproof material.

What went wrong when opening the packaging? Evaluate the results of the test and decide whether to change something or if it is perhaps appropriate to show opening instructions on the outside of the package so that the customer can unpack it without taking risks.

2. How to use the packaging to highlight your brand

Your customer is looking forward to their package. So why not give him the first taste of joy by printing the name and logo of your company on the package so that they are visible? It’s easy to imagine his reaction when you see them: “Hurray, the package has arrived!”

Another advantage of a packaging that shows the brand in evidence is given by the fact that the package is easily recognizable during transport and in case you decide to reuse it: customers who see the box at a friend’s house will immediately recognize the brand and this will strengthen their connection with your brand. Several types of research also show that unwrapping a beautiful package activates the part of the brain that makes us feel gratified.

Choose the colors

In 2018 alone, 87 billion parcels were delivered in the United States. We cannot know what they looked like and how many of them were plain white or brown cardboard packaging – probably millions! Using creativity and opting for packaging with a specific design can help you make a difference from the competition. Even if you decide to use standard packages, many suppliers offer a wide range of colors: you can choose the ones that best match your brand. For example, the Italian company Scatolaperfetta specializes in the creation and customization of tailor-made boxes for the products of small and large companies.

Choose the print

We suggest that you have both your logo and your brand printed on the packaging, without forgetting the names of your social media profiles: this will encourage customers to follow you, to tell why they have chosen and love your products, or even to share a video in which they open the long-awaited package.